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Kidney Failure

Kidneys Can Recover -We offer help with Nephrotic Syndrome, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, IgA nephropathy, Kidney Failure, CKD

Top Level Doctors

Our doctors have gone through the rigorous program of studying Ayurvedic medicine that took six years to complete.

What is Ayurved?

Ayurvedic medical system originated in the Indian subcontinent, and can complement traditional Western medicine.

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We guarantee to reply your questions and inquires within 24hrs. Kidney Can Recover Team experts are always ready to answer any of your kidney related questions.

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  • How can I start?

    We at Kidneys Can Recover (Kundan Kidney Care Centre) consider each patient to be unique and treat them based on their symptioms and condition. Prior to accepting any case we ask our patients to fill out the online assessment form. Meeting with a doctor is not essential, provided you have completely filled out the assessment form accurately. If we receive your most up-to-date reports citing your condition accurately, then no doctor-patient meeting is required. Once we review your case we will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if your case is accepted.
  • Are there any side Effects?

    No side effects have been reported as a result of taking this medicine.
  • What is the Cost?

    Cost of the medicine can be determined based on the condition of the patient and what medicine is required. Once we review the assessment form, we can reply back within 24 hours with the cost of medicine.


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