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Kundan Kidney Care Punjab

The Kundan Kidney Care (Punjab) Centre is an association of Ayurvedic doctors whose priority concern is providing care and relief to people living with chronic kidney disease. We act as a resource for extensive information about kidney care and ailments. And most importantly, we provide alternative herbal treatments, tailored to each patient’s individual symptoms, blood work, and medical history.

The Kundan Kidney Care Centre launched in 1974 in Jalandhar in India, under the inspiration of Dr. Kuldip Singh Kundan. In subsequent years, he was joined in the care of kidney patients by his son, Dr. Balkar Singh Kundan, and by Dr. Balkar’s wife, Dr. Gaganpreet Kundan. After extensive medical internships and research, Doctors Balkar and Gaganpreet now continue the work of the late Doctor Kuldip, partnering Ayurvedic and standard medical practice. Our doctors serve a global community of patients with chronic kidney disease.

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

This traditional medical system originated in the Indian subcontinent, and can complement traditional Western medicine. Ayurveda emphasizes a balance in all systems, including body, mind, and spirit. This means treatments may involve everything from massage, meditation, and alterations in diet to small surgeries and rejuvenation of bodily systems through herbal supplements.

Genuine Ayurvedic medicine involves a rigorous program of study that takes almost six years to complete. After learning modern clinical medicine along with the more traditional Ayurvedic usages of herbs and systems of diagnosis and treatment, graduates receive a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery degree, or B.A.M.S.

Ayurvedic medicine comes in both plant-based and metal/chemical-based forms. But because of physical difficulties patients may have with metals and chemicals, we use only plant-based medicine. We will do nothing that may jeopardize our patients’ compromised kidneys, so we use no metallic derivatives or inorganic chemicals in our formulations.

Our Products:

The herbs in our products are carefully chosen and have known safety profiles. We have avoided inclusion of any chemicals, steroids and metals, which might pose risks. You may continue taking prescription drugs that are recommended by your nephrologist however, if you wish to start our treatment you must stop all other herbal/homeopathic or any other supplements.

We at KKCC are committed to producing the finest high potency herbal products possible. We buy herbs from there indigenous regions to ensure that the proper climate, soil and water crucial to the content of active ingredients are present, as most herbs indigenous to one region cannot have the same content if grown in another region. We buy herbs that are harvested at the proper time to ensure optimum potency of the active ingredients in each herb.

Once the herbs arrive at the manufacturing plant, it is examined macroscopically and microscopically by the Master Pharmacist. All products are manufactured under the GMP certification guidelines to ensure the highest effectiveness and almost eliminate the potential of side effects.

Our products are tested twice, once by our supplier and then by an independent third party lab. Additional tests are also performed to ensure that our products are absolutely free of any heavy metals, steroids or chemicals.

Our products are produced and marketed in the form of capsules and tablets.

How Can We Help You?

When you fill out our Patient Information Form, we assess your physical state based on the most recent and detailed medical information provided by your physician. This helps us determine the best formulation of herbs and medicines for your kidney condition. The medicines you receive are tailored uniquely for you, and the rejuvenation process is monitored through regular lab reports your own doctor provides.