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Know the 9 Symptoms of Kidney Failure

The signs and symptoms of chronic kidney diseases (CKD) are so subtle that they often go undiagnosed. CKD and polycystic kidney diseases (PKD) often progress because patients do not realize that they are getting worse. Recognizing the symptoms of kidney failure at the onset will...

Treatment and Management of Anemia for Patients on Dialysis

Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases most often have anemia, the condition where a person’s red blood cells are depleted. While those with CKD do not produce enough erythropoietin, patients on dialysis are more likely to get anemia which will worsen as the kidneys stop...

Kidney Disease and Painkiller Safety

If a person’s kidneys become compromised, one of the first steps often taken is to alter their diet. Good exercise and a healthy lifestyle are also vital. But as they plan how to eat and exercise, many people forget another important element in trying to keep their kidneys...