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MrSingh“My name is Col. Daljit Singh, I am a retired army officer and now run a school in Punjab, India. I came across Kundan Kidney Care Centre through a relative and this turned into a life saving experience.I am on my way to complete recovery. I do not need dialysis anymore and my creatinine level has dropped from 7 to 1.9. If a person needs help with their kidneys, I can’t think of any better place than Kundan Kidney Care Centre”
Col Daljit Singh, Retired Army Officer
philipSay goodbye to dialysis


Kiran_PuriMr. Puri is from British Columbia, Canada. He had kidney disease and now living a normal healthy life.
Kiran Puri, Manager
avtar-singh“Hello. I am Dr. Avtar Singh and I work in Govt. Dispensary at Himachal Pardesh. When I was diagnosed with kidney problems I went to the Jallandhar kidney hospital. My creatinine level was recorded at 8.6 and I was put on immediate dialysis. I learned about Kundan hospital and how they treat chronic kidney problems.I went along for treatment and within 15 days, my creatinine levels returned to normal. Now I feel very well and I don’t have any more problems.”
Dr. Avtar Singh, Doctor
midda“My condition was bad. My doctor had given up. He said that even with dialysis I had only a slim chance of survival. My creatinine level had gone up quite high to 22 — normally, it should be no more than 1.5.
Anyway, I was treated for 15 days and given dialysis. However, by chance, a friend suggested to my son to take me to the Kundan hospital and consult with Dr. Balkar Kundan.Dr. Balkar advised that if my creatinine level could be bought down to below 10, then dialysis would not need to be continued as the medication he would prescribe would control it. I would also need to control my diet — and under Dr. Balkar’s supervision. Thus, I began my treatment in confidence and the results have been brilliant. I am off dialysis and my levels are 3.30 to 3.40, which would indicate an improvement of 90%!”
Mr. Midda